Laser Hair Removal Of NY



What is Electrolysis ?
During electrolysis, a tiny probe the same size as the hair is gently inserted into the hair follicle, down to the papilla(the part that
nourishes the hair). A very low electrical current destroys the papilla, ending further hair growth.

Is Electrolysis painful ?
Until now, the electric current used in the process was transmitted at a fixed intensity,resulting in an unpleasant sensation.
Sequentium is a new generation electrolysis machine using the Sequential Modulation System(Patented by Silhouet-Tone).
During the insensity and duration of the current, achieving next-to-painless electrolysis.

Is it really Permanent ?
Yes! Electrolysis, which utilizes a probe, is the only permanent hair removal method recognized & practiced by the medical community & licensed electrologists.

How long does it Take ?
The number of treatments required depends on serval factors:
1-The area being treated

2-How much hair is involved

3-Adherence to the schedule of appointments(determined by the electrologist in accordance with the hair growth phase)
4-Tolerance for the procedure (tolerance is greatest with the variable modulated currents used bt Sequentium).

How much does it cost ?
Electrolysis costs no more than other beauty and skin care treatments. However, once completed it has the advantage of being
permanent; it lasts a lifetime.

Is it Safe ?
Professional electrologist maintain the strictest standards of hygiene. Sterile, disposable needles are used once only, ensuring
your complete safely.

Areas of the body where electrolysis is most commonly used

-Upper Lip