Laser Hair Removal Of NY

Wrinkle Reduction Skin Tightening (Facial Rejuvenation) Wrinkles can occur due to loss of collagen in the dermis, the layer just beneath the skin's surface. Due to contraction of the muscles below the dermis, wrinkles show up on the skin. But it doesn't have stay this way. At Laser Hair Removal Of NY INC , we use the latest innovations to flatten out and diminish wrinkles. The following procedures are used for wrinkle reduction and/or skin tightening: Revolutionary Gentle Max 1064nm Yag,755nm, 755 Alexandrite This will be the light of your life. Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne scars, melasma (the mask of pregnancy) have met their match. With only a few treatments, sometimes only one, a noticeable improvement will occur. All this with little or no downtime and minimal discomfort.